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BENCHMARK REFERRAL TEAM Number of Team: 73 April 19, 2019
Company Contact Phone Solutions-Client-Referral Company Contact Phone Solutions-Client-Referral
ACME Lending,LLC Marsha Mosher 801-447-8987 Heartland Dave Kadeck 801-809-7899
ACME Lending,LLC Ryan Mosher 801-447-8987 Heartland Payments Curtis Beames 801-879-2637
Allied Business Solutions Mike Agrelius 801-516-9780 Helpside Jay Harris 801-473-7879
Auto Depot Travis McKinnon 801-645-5171 Holbrook Realty Diana Holbrook Mckee 801-390-3982
B.A.N.K. code Jim Carroll 8015507177 Holiday Hootenany The Thorsness Girls
Bear Creek Roofing Taylor Zwenmke 801-668-6379 I llove Myself so Cory Jenkins 925-565-4986
Bear Creek Roofing Edgar Alellano 801-821-3130 Insure For Health, LLC Barbara Neff 801-330-7574
Botany Bay Oils Dennis Ketterer 801-866-7376 Juice Plus Cory Jenkins 925-565-4986
Bountiful Spinal Care Clint Grover DC 801-335-7288 Keller Williiams Realty Marc Nicholas 435-496-9698
Certified Sales & Service Ryan Benitez 801-397-5626 Know Their Why, LLC Sarah Larsen 8014034267
Christensen Yard & Tree C Paul Christensen 801-541-9878 Larry Miller Brice Marshall 801-631-6980
Cowboy Wealth Richard Smart 801-755-7706 Latara Frieson, LLC Latara Frieson 801-564-3440
Divorce Referral Network Diana Holbrook McKee 801-390-3982 Lead Generation Ron Coleman 801-298-2336
e2 Total Solutions Jim Carroll 801-550-71177 LegalShield George Wilkinson 801-205-5132
EntirelyAnn Design Ann Mathews 206-851-5406 Mahalo Catering & Events Charlene Bosworth 801-845-0540
Execute 90 Jim Olsen 801-633-8294 Managed Wealth Financial Linda Kendall Savage 8015774591
Extermiman Pest Control Carl Wilson 801-706-7104 Memorial Morturaries Neil Weight 801-971-0485
Four Seasons Catering & E McKenna Nay 801-845-0540 Mercenary Automotive James Busby 801-292-6372
Fully Activate Joey Levie 801-995-8286 Michael W Berg Insurance Michael Berg 801-294-0033
Get Bankified, LLC Sarah Larsen 801-403-4267 Michael W. Berg Insurance Douglas Warner 435-590-2190
Global Laws Brian Knox 801-448-5125 Miller Insurance Manageme John Miller 8016374420
Global Marketing Plus & W Ronald Coleman 801-298-2336 Mobile Small Engine Medic Corey Thorsness 801-718-8083
Got Dirt House Cleaning Tami Jo Esplin 801-645-0258 Mobile Window Screening Michael Berg 801-693-8195

BENCHMARK REFERRAL TEAM, Page 2 Number of Team: 73 April 19, 2019
Company Contact Phone Solutions-Client-Referral Company Contact Phone Solutions-Client-Referral
New York Life Michelle Gord 801-450-8046 Total Merchant Services Clayton Rand 801-897-8911
North Star Mortgage Misty Sessions 801-510-0707 U.S. Health Advisors Adrian Alvarez 702-810-8038
Oakmans Remodeling Mike Stringham 801-663-0666 US Health Erik Ishimatsu 801-502-7749
Oasis Senior Advisors Jesse Hayes 801-888-8791 Zone Advertising Logan Brand 801-634-6123
Park Lane Jewelry Cherie Thorsness 801-718-8084
PCI Managers Curtis Beames
Plumber Rudy Miller 702-366-7580
Results Marketing Jeff Donovan 8015415730
Sawyer Home Real Estate Michelle Sawyer 801-879-1538
SBM Consulting Group Brand Lewis 801-348-5984
Send Out Cards Jim Olsen 801-633-8294
SERVPRO of Bountiful/Layt Greg Whiting 801-298-4272
Sew Chaos Teri Beames 801-546-9638
Shock Homes Riley Shock 801-645-4519
Stacy Harker Stacy Harker 801-809-0503
Supply Link Michael Rizzo
Supply Link Skyler Nelson 801-299-3542
Swaby Real Estate Nigel Swaby 8016344950
The AdvocatesLaw Firm Lance Tilley 801-710-7615
The Canterbuy Place David Drake 801-292-5053
The CMO Guru Charlene Ignacio 801-888-9526
The Print Shoppe Ron Coleman 801-298-2336
The Thought Coach Curtis Swenson 801-860-5738